​911 Acre  - Lone Star Trophy Ranch, Comstock, Texas. Val Verde County
Hunt the BIG COUNTRY !!!ASKING  $1,200/Acre



  This 911 acre  High Fenced Ranch is... READY TO ENJOY!!!   The Lone Star Trophy Ranch is located approximately 10 miles north of Comstock, Texas - Out in the BIG COUNTRY!!!  Scenic views and wide open vistas are common out here! The Lone Star Trophy Ranch  consists of rolling, hilly terrain and has a dense coverage of mesquite, cedar, persimmon, blackbrush, whitebrush, catclaw, agarita, and huisache growing in the bottom of the draws and drainage areas. The sides of the hills have scattered thickets of mesquite and cedar and various types of low brush growing on them.   This "L Shaped" ranch consists of rolling, hilly terrain covered with mesquite and cedar trees and various types of low brush.  The shape of the ranch and the rolling terrain make it seem much, much larger than 911 acres! The property has been game managed for a number of years and has some Good White-Tailed Deer on it as well as some Axis Deer!!!

  There is a Nice Headquarters Compound with a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Mobile Home that serves as the Hunter's Cabin located on the front of the property. There is metal barn with a walk-in cooler and game cleaning area. A second metal barn/shed built with two 20' metal storage containers houses a large ice maker and equipment storage area. The headquarters compound provides all the comforts of home and serves the ranch very well!

  The ranch has a 900 ft. deep water well that feeds into an extensive pipeline system that feeds a large number of water troughs and water holes.  Most of the waterings on the ranch are good sized , natural looking water holes with built-in floats.  These are ideal waterings for all types of game - both large and small!

  This is a High-Fenced Ranch that is READY TO GO!!!   Come Take a Look!!!

        ONLY   $1,200 PER  ACRE !!!!!