La Pryor, Texas - Zavala County

The ROCKIN L RANCH is an Outstanding High-Fenced Wildlife and livestock ranch located approx. 20 miles west of La Pryor, Texas on the south side of  U. S. Highway 57.  This Exceptional Game Ranch has been under intensive game management for almost 20 years and is currently under a MLDP Program providing an expanded hunting season to the owners.  There are two 5 acre DMP pens that accentuate the breeding efforts of the deer herd. The results can be seen in the game pictures from the ranch - There are Numerous Trophy Bucks on this Fine Ranch!!  The Rockin L  has OUTSTANDING South Texas Brush on it, providing the perfect habitat for growing LARGE, TROPHY BUCKS and lots of turkey and quail! This is about as perfect a mix of fine South Texas edible brushes as you can find!!  Red Sandy Loam Soils and thick, thick brush along both Muela Creek and Palo Blanco Creek provide a great mix of guajilla, blackbrush, guayacan, granjeno, and prickly pear making this ranch - A Deer Hunting Heaven!! Approximately 50% of the ranch is thick brushed bottom land where Muela and Palo Blanco Creeks converge!  This is Gamey, Wild, Land perfect for lots and lots of deer and turkey and hogs to live and raise their young!! PLUS... There are a number of small fields and food plots scattered around over the ranch.  The ranch has shallow irrigation water available and there is a 60 acre center pivot installed in one of the fields on the west end of the ranch to raise supplemental crops for grazing and game usage! 


IMPROVEMENTS:  Four (4) Living Quarters in the Headquarters Compound - A Very Nice  4 bedroom, 3 bath Modular Home serves as the main lodge.  This is a lovely, comfortable living quarters for the owner and guests.  There are two (2) One bedroom, one bath cabins located nearby.  these are presently used by the two sons and are nice, separate quarters for family or guests.  At the end of the headquarters compound is a two bedroom foreman's house.  On the opposite of a large open yard area are two large hay/equipment barns, a good set fo cattle pens, and several smaller barns and sheds.  A covered game cleaning area features a walk-in cooler for long term game storage and a well equipped game processing area with hoists, running water and electricity.  There is a virtually a small city in the headquarters compound!


WATER:  WORLDS OF WATER!!  -  5 Water Wells (One Irrigation Well @ 600 GPM) and 4 dirt tanks, plus water holes on Brushy Creek make this One Well Watered Ranch!!!   An animal doesn't have to go far to get a drink of water on this ranch.  There is literally - Water Everywhere!!  If there isn't a water trough or a tank then there is a nearby water hole on Muela Creek or Palo Blanco Creek!  One of the water wells is an irrigation well that can produce 600 GPM of water from a shallow depth.  This well pumps to a 60 acre center pivot sprinkler system adn can be used to raise grazing crops for catlle or be used as an irrigated food plot for the game!  You have that versatility and capability!!!


GAME:  The Rockin L Ranch has been intensively game managed for nearly 20 years!  The results speak for themself!  Huge, Heavy Trophy Bucks are taken from this ranch year in and year out!  This ranch has all native deer and they have harvested 190 - 220 inch B & C Trophy Bucks!!  There is a mature, well developed herd of white-tailed deer on the ranch!!That means that there is a pipeline of young and middle-aged bucks growing on the ranch that will fill the shoes of the harvested grandpa's!  AND...There are lots of Rio Grande Turkey found up and down the two creeks - Muela Creek and Palo Blanco Creek! Red Sandy Loam soils are perfect for raising quail and this rnach has a great quail population!  Feral hogs like the two creek bottoms and provide off season hunting.  The large amount of bottom land found on this ranch provides excellent habitat for all kinds of game and wild animals.  The owners have chosen to remain dedicated to raising white-tailed deer, but the deer-proof fencing could allow for the introduction of exotic game is a Buyer so desires.  All of the blinds and feeders (10-12 Each) on the ranch will be conveyed with the ranch.


PRICE:  The asking price is $2,650 Per Acre or $5,793,960 for this Fine Ranch.  Market rate loans are readily available from the Capital Farm Credit Bank and from other ag lenders as well as individual banks.


MINERALS:  There is a one-sixteenth of the minerals available. These are available - depending upon the rpice offered for the ranch.