The River Ranch
1,741 Acres  4 B/R Lodge!!
Crystal City, Texas - Zavala County
REDUCED PRICE!!!  From $3,450 To   $3,250 Per Acre

A Sportsman’s Paradise!! With over 3 miles of Nueces River frontage, a 3-4 Acre stocked fishing lake, and Two High Fenced South Texas Brush pastures stocked with 200+ B & C genetics – This fine ranch provides the Ultimate!! In  Outdoor Recreational Opportunity!!!

The River Ranch was purchased in 2005 from pro baseball player Josh Beckett (Boston Red Sox & Los Angeles Dodgers).  Part of the ranch was formerly called the Tree House Ranch due to one of the houses and decks being built on "stilts"  overlooking the Nueces River.  The main lodge is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath white limestone rock home that overlooks a 3 – 4 acre stocked fishing lake.


The ranch is unique in its combination of heavily forested bottomland, thick brush, open country and an incomparable amount of Nueces River frontage.  BIG Bull mesquites, live oak, and hackberry trees provide cover and food for the animals.  The vegetation on the ranch consists of a variety of high protein brush which is excellent for the production of quality animals with big horns.  The types of brush include mesquite, white brush, brasil brush, guajillo, guayacan, granjeno, vine ephedra, old man's beard (great food source), greenbrier and persimmon.  Guayacan is an evergreen that provides needed nutrition for the deer during the cold winter months.  There is Tons  and Tons of guajiilo on the ranch!!!  Besides a rigorous year round feeding program, there are lots and lots of natural groceries for the deer and native game!!!

The ranch has two separate game-fenced pastures consisting of a north pasture of 610 acres and a south pasture of 640 acres.  The fences are built with tite-lock wire and are in excellent condition!  There are 511 acres remaining outside the game fenced pastures which borders approximately four miles of the Nueces River.  This low fenced area was part of the old Marburger Farm, which continues to have riparian water rights from the Nueces River.



The terrain is level and the river silt and sandy soils  will grow anything if irrigated.  There is very little prickly pear on the ranch and very, very few rocks.  There are four irrigated fields used for growing haygrazer in the summer and oats, wheat, and rye grass in the winter.  Two irrigated food plots on the north end and two irrigated food plots on the south end.


All of the game fenced pastures have predator wire on the ground to prevent predators and hogs from entering the pastures. There are no hogs in the south pasture, and the few hogs in the north are controlled by traps and hunters.



This Ranch has.. Worlds  of  Water!!!  There is over 3 miles of frontage on the Nueces River. This provides great fishing and recreational opportunities!!! The ranch has Two (2) Carrizo Aquifer irrigation wells that supply water to over fifteen lakes and ponds and numerous water troughs throughout the ranch.  The north pasture has a four (4) acre crystal clear, blue lake in front of the main ranch house stocked with hybrid Florida Bass and blue gill.  It is LOADED with fish - You can catch a fish with nearly every cast!!  There are underground pipelines all over the ranch which feed several food plots that can be irrigated.  A gun/reel system (included) can be used to water  the north food plots and the south food plots (4 Irrig. Food Plots).   There are pipelines from the Carrizo  wells to the lakes and ponds all over the ranch.  The wells are tied into the same pipeline, so that if one well has problems, the other well can take over without missing a beat!



This Fine Ranch has two living quarters on it. First there is the Nice 4 Bedroom Limestone Rock Lodge built on the banks of a 4 acre lake!  This is a Nice Ranch house with 4 bedrooms, two baths, an open living room area and a kitchen and dining area.  There is a rock fireplace and the walls  are lined with mounts that have been used as brood bucks on the ranch.  Also, there is a large covered porch that extends off of the east and south sides of the house (SEE PHOTOS).  A LOT of entertaining and socializing can be done outdoors!  Nearby is a large metal barn that has numerous overhead doors for drive-thru access.  The barn has running water and electricity and provides a nice shop and storage area for ATV’s and four-wheelers are well as storage for tools, air compressors, etc…

Located on the southern end of the ranch is the Tree House.  This is a raised structure built on steel piers and overlooks the Nueces River.  There is a large wooden deck with a BBQ area that overlooks the Beautiful Nueces River bottom.  Inside there is al large party/game room and a kitchen and two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The Tree House is built in a heavily treed bottom and is nearly constantly shaded.  ADDITIONALLY,  there is a LARGE metal barn/hangar that provides a Very Large storage area with high ceilings!  It has a covered shed are on the south side.  A horse barn with built-in stalls is located nearby.  The game cleaning facility features two walk-in coolers; multiple hanging racks, running water and electricity – all under a covered work area. 



The ranch has the highest level of management permit issued by Texas Parks and Wildlife (Level 3 MLDP), and is managed by biologist Macy Ledbetter.  The management philosophy on the ranch has been to shoot inferior deer at two years of age  and mature deer at six years.  If a deer is exceptionally good or has droptine genetics, it is not be shot until that buck reaches at least  seven years of age.  Since most of the released deer have colored tags in their ears, it is easy to determine their age for harvest and management purposes.  There are seven breeder pens in the north pasture with a full deer handling facility and separation pens.  The south pasture has five pens including one pen for releasing deer into the river pasture.



REDUCED  PRICE!!!  FROM $3,450  to   $3,250/Acre.  This price includes a lot of the equipment on the ranch, the furniture in the two houses, the overhead feed storage bins and feed buggy, and a number of the deer blinds and feeders .   YOU NEED TO SEE THIS FINE RANCH TO FULLY APPRECIATE  EVERYTHING  THAT  HAS  BEEN  DONE !!!           All of the work has been done!!        It is ready for you to enjoy!!



The seller has 91% of the executive rights with complete surface control, and 7% of the mineral rights in both of the game-fenced pastures.  These will be conveyed with the property.

No minerals are available on the outside (non game-fenced)  511 acres. 

There is one old well on the north side of the property that is still producing oil and will be conveyed with the property.  The mineral income is approximately $2,000 per year.