1,076 acres 
Eagle Pass, Texas - Maverick County



 Description: This unique 1,076 Acre ranch consists of level to gently undulating land covered in typical South Texas Brush Country type land. A majority of the ranch is covered in mesquite, guajillo, cenizo, blackbrush, guayacan, granjeno and all of the other nutritious brushes that grow in South Texas. There is a good sized draw or drainageway which traverses the southeast end of the property that is lined with large mesquite trees and dense, tall brush. The bottoms of the draws and flats are growers of mesquites, hackberry, persimmon and other good edible brush as well as being areas that have good, dense, tall grass growth. The bottoms of the draws are also where the wild game stays because of dense cover, lush growth, and a number of the best combinations of food being available. They naturally stay where there is thick brush and trees. Most of the ranch consists of long gentle slopes that drain towards the draws and the gentle sloping land is covered in good native brush. Besides outstanding brush, the ranch has an outstanding variety and coverage of native grasses. Some of the grasses are as follows: side oats grama, green sprangletop, running mesquite, running buffalo, pink pappus, love, crowfoot, witch, red grama, spear, burr, and others, and most of these are classed as climax grasses, known to be the best and most productive ones. They are all strong in nutrients and vitamins. This is Good, Strong Country!!! And it grows Big, Big Bucks!!! This is Good Hunting Country!!! WATER - The ranch has one shallow water well (Old, hand dug well) that is equipped with a windmill that pumps into a small reservoir for water storage. The property also has a water meter tied into the public water system at the Maverick County Airport. You will ALWAYS have water available to this property (as long as you pay the bill). There are some pipelines that lead to several water troughs scattered across the ranch.This ranch has nearly 3,750 of frontage on the east side of U. S. Highway 277 and also has over 4,000 feet of frontage on the paved county road that accesses the Maverick County Airport. There is a good network of roads that meander over all areas of the ranch and they are traversable in almost any type of vehicle. Most of the boundary fences are low, mesh net wire fences in varying states of condition. The east fence line is an 8 foot high game-fence that is shared with the Burr Ranch.This is a nice sized ranch with fine access and big neighbors. It has a touch of The Wild in it... along with tremendous potential for future development!!! Itll make you scratch your head!!! . Take a look at this information, give us a call, and come look at this rather unique ranch. You are near civilization and yet you are out on your own ranch and it is a little wild and a fun place to hunt and be your own boss. Come And Take a Look!!