​3,232 Ac. -  Mi Sueno Ranch 
Zavala County, Texas.

 One Highly Developed
 Deer Hunting Ranch!!!



THE FINEST OF THE FINE!!! This is an OUTSTANDING, High-Fenced, Highly Improved Ranch with Fantastic Brush!!! This is absolutely AS GOOD AS IT GETS!! This is some of the Best South Texas Brush Country that you can find!!! Great Rainfall - Great Brush - Lots of Water!! - And it is Close to San Antonio!! There are thick, thick guajilla and blackbrush ridges and hills - AND - there are some good mesquite flats with deep soils and fields and food plots.... Whatever You Want  – This Fine Ranch has IT!!! The ranch has been very closely game managed by the owner for  14 years.  The deer breeding pens have introduced genetics  from Wheeler Whitetails and Marty Berry Whitetails -- Nothing but the BEST!!! To Produce -- HUGE SOUTH TEXAS TROPHIES!!! And ... That's what you'll find on this ranch!! The deer have been protein fed on a year round basis - with Lyssy and Eckels feed for years. They haven’t missed a BEAT!!! Everything has been that you could think of and it has  BEEN DONE RIGHT!!! There are roller chopped scenderas  with low grwoing guajilla and blackbrush adn guayacan.  There are irrigated food plots and supplemental food plots located all over the ranch.  AND there's lots and lots of water on the ranch!!  Water wells, center pivots, lakes, water troughs - There is literally water all over the ranch.  And water is wildlife and ranch development requirement Number One! .... Everything has been done to make this ranch THE ULTIMATE IN DEER HUNTING RANCHES!!!   The existing  deer herd  can produce HUGE Boone & Crockett Bucks on a regular basis!! There is a large set of deer breeding pens located behind the main lodge that is presently raising genetic deer to be released into the ranch deer herd... The genetics are constantly being improved!!!


IMPROVEMENTS:  Gorgeous Improvements!! Everything has been WELL DONE!!!   Not Over-Done – But… Well Done!!! The Main House is a lovely 3 B/R, 2 Bath lodge with a large open living area. The living room features a large fireplace and large, plate-glass windows that look out over the surrounding countryside. There are covered porches on three sides. The headquarters compound features a number of very nice barns and sheds and utility buildings that cover all of the bases. The main barn is large, nice, and clean as can be!! It has an apartment built into the southwest cornerand is used to store vehicles, tools and equipment. The Game-Cleaning barn has electric hoists and a large walk-in cooler with a rail system.  The metal grate floor keeps you out of the blood, the mud and the crud! They didn't miss a Beat!!! There is a large equipment shed and a large overhead feed storage bunker. Paved parking areas reduce dust to a minimum. There are automatic sprinkler systems in the yard areas.  Everything is First Class!!! Behind the barn is a nice set of welded pipe cattle pens and a large equipment shed. This is a First Class Set Up!!! There is a large firepit area  for the telling of tall tales.  Nearby is a Carrizo Sand Irrigation well that pumps into a nearby center pivot sprinkler system that waters a large food plot that is located adjacent to the headquarters compound.  You can watch the game come in and eat! The well also helps maintain a beautiful fishing lake located just south of the main lodge. This is an immaculate headquarters compound.


WATER:    The ranch is watered by 3 Carrizo Sand water wells, a center pivot sprinkler system; 3 shallow water wells equipped with solar pumps, and 6 dirt tanks. There are two Large Lakes stocked with w/Fish. Additionally, there are water troughs and pipelines all over the ranch. Lakes and tanks and water troughs all over the place - This is ONE WELL WATERED RANCH !!!! 


ROADS: Fantastic Roads!! Near the headquarters and at the main gate - the main entrance road is asphalt paved!! You can drive all over this ranch and go 40 MPH if you want to -- The roads are that good!! And there is an outstanding network of roads that can get you to virtually any part of the ranch!! You will never drag through the brush - every road is cleared 3 blades wide. It is a PLEASURE to drive over this ranch! No bouncing around; no dragging through brush….Just Smooth and Good Sailing!!!

MINERALS:  The Seller owns a portion of the minerals.  A mineral conveyence is a price negotiable item.


PRICE:  The price of this Fine Ranch has been reduced to $2,950/Acre or $9,533,090.  With everything that this ranch has to offer!  This is a "Deal"!  Capital Farm Credit and other lending institutions are available to provide Third Party Financing to Qualified Buyers.