1,303 acres
Crystal City, Texas - Zavala County
$5,200,000   OR

              This ADL7  Ranch is a FABULOUS!!!  TURN-KEY  HUNTING RANCH!!! 

                                                  THIS   RANCH    HAS    IT    ALL!!!!!

   40  Species of Exotics --  Worlds of White-Tailed Deer  -- W/ Bucks 170-250 B & C  (12 White-tailed Breeder Pens)


     The  ADL7 Hunting Ranch is truly one of the finest, turn-key commercial hunting and recreational properties available in Texas. Located in one of the most desirable areas in the state, and having all of the assets that most hunters and ranch owners only dream about, this awesome ranch has already established itself as a wildlife and hunters paradise.  The White Wing Lodge on the ranch is a truly spectacular hunting lodge encompassing approx. 22,000 ft. sq. &  having 22 guest rooms including 2 master suites, a large commercial kitchen, and a large two story great room which all the rooms open into. There is a large game/entertainment room with bars, pool tables, TVs, and many more entertainment options. There is an office, laundry room, and even a gift shop with logo items! Leading out of the game room is an expansive patio with a fire pit, outdoor seating and a basketball hoop. Located across the lodge is a skeet shooting range and target range. This massive lodge is a fully furnished gem and is ready for your immediate enjoyment, hunting operations, commercial entertainment, or whatever you desire to use it for.  Entertain & Party like a Rock Star!!!!

  Additional improvements include a large foremans house with guides quarters located nearby. There is a large, fully enclosed equipment barn for tools, hunting vehicles and ATVs. There is also a second, larger barn that holds most of the larger ranch rolling equipment such as tractors, implements, feed buggies, and such. There are above ground feed storage bins and many more amenities.  A HUGE, Walk-In Cooler! With a Well-Equipped Game Cleaning Station - Of Course!!

   Water is the life-blood of ranches in South Texas, and this ranch is exceptionally well watered with 7 deep Carrizo irrigation wells, 12 to 13 nice ponds including a new, very large lined tank, and many miles of buried water line that provide water to wildlife in all areas of the ranch. Two of the tanks are stocked with fish and provide some very good fishing.  This ranch has been continuously managed for trophy whitetail deer for a number of years and is currently under Texas Parks and Wildlife Level 3 MLD Permit which allows for 5 full months of whitetail deer hunting and management. The ranch has a deer breeding permit with 12 deer breeding pens near the main headquarters. To date, the ranch has released several hundred genetically improved whitetail bucks and does to improve the ranch herd and provide trophy white-tailed deer hunting. Many outstanding whitetail bucks have been harvested over the past several years. In addition to trophy white-tailed deer, the ranch has over 40 species of huntable exotic animals such as Elk, Eland, Gemsbok, Kudu, Ibex, Aoudad, Black Buck Antelope, Axis deer, Fallow deer, Scimitar-horned Oryx, nilgai antelope, buffalo, red sheep, eland, watusi, addax, sika deer, and many others which can be pursued. There is also an active bird hunting preserve permit that allows some bird hunting year round.  There are also feral hogs, white-wing dove, quail, and morning dove available.


  The  ADL7 HUNTING RANCH  is truly a remarkable and an exceptionally well improved, high-fenced, commercial hunting ranch. This 1303 +/- acre intensely managed, turn-key operation is located about 15 miles west of Crystal City in Zavala County, approximately 2 hours southwest of San Antonio and about 1.5 hrs north of Laredo. Uvalde is less than an hour north, a small city with a home town atmosphere has excellent dining, shopping, lodging and an airport with a jet-capable airstrip and is only a short drive from the Frio River recreation areas at Concan and Garner State Park. Located in the famous Golden Triangle of the South Texas ecological area, known for its large white-tailed deer, the dominant vegetation includes mesquite, twisted acacia, prickly pear, granjeno, guayacan, and many other native species. Of the 1303+/- acres, approximately 250 acres are low fenced native brush located south of the high fenced area.