293 Acres with A Home
Crystal City, Texas - Zavala County
​ASKING - $2,800/ACRE



This 293 Acre South Texas ranch is  situated on the banks of the Nueces River, on the south side of F. M. 1025.    This Great Little property includes a nice 3 bedroom, two bath home that is nestled in a Grove of Live oak trees.  And the Nueces River is lined with Huge, Old, Live Oak. Elm, and Hackberry Trees!!!   There are 586 Acre/Feet of water rights with the Irrigation District that are available to be used when there is water in the Nueces River.  The river bed is a natural game magnet and like most river and creek beds, there is about a double population of animlas that reside there!  A preliminary inspection of the Nueces River bottom on this ranch yielded two herds of turkey, two deer scrapes, and herd of feral hogs!   The river bottom is "Gamey and Wild!". 

Most of the property is comprised of level mesquite and huisache covered pasture land.

     This property was once utilized as a dairy farm.  There are a number of the old barns and sheds present at the headquarters.  Some are usable and others are not.  There is a good Carrizo Sand water well located at the headquarters.  Water is piped from that well to thehouse and to a number of water troughs scattered across the property.  The properety is fenced into several different pastures with five strand barbed wire fences being used for partition fences as well as perimeter fences.  There is a good network of roads on this property.  There is about one-half mile of frontage on the south side of F. M. 1025.