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As a Certified Wildlife Biologist with over 30 years experience in natural resource management I have provided technical assistance to private landowners on over 1.5 million acres of Texas rangeland.  A range and wildlife graduate of Texas A&I University (Texas A&M-Kingsville), I was a senior staff biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for 27 years.  My experience includes all aspects of big game management, game bird management, non-game wildlife management, wildlife research, livestock management, water management, and habitat management including prescribed burns.  One of the drawbacks of working for TPWD was the limited amount of time I could spend with landowners due to our workload.  As a private consultant, I am now able to spend more productive time with my clients at the ranch.  I can design and implement a complete ranch and wildlife program to fit your needs.  The network of professional contacts I’ve made during my career can also be utilized to their potential. 

I currently serve on the advisory board for the Wildlife Department at Southwest Texas Junior College in Uvalde and also an adjunct wildlife instructor.  Having my office located at Southwest Texas Junior College, I have access to young, energetic, wildlife students and interns willing to assist me.  As a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker specializing in farms and ranches, I provide professional, natural resource assistance and experience for the buyer and seller which many farm and ranch sales agents lack.  I have authored and/or co-authored numerous magazine articles and publications including “A field guide to Common South Texas Shrubs", “Brush Management for White-tailed Deer”,  “The Feral Hog in Texas” and “The Javelina in Texas."

I can offer the following services for you to improve and enhance your ranch:

• Wildlife Management Plans
• 1-D-1 Wildlife Tax Conversions
• Wildlife Surveys (aerial, spotlight, mobile, herd composition counts, turkey hen-poult counts, quail surveys, etc.)
• Harvest Recommendations
• Harvest Data Collection and Training
• Harvest Analysis
• TPWD Permits (MLDP, DMP, TTT, DBP, ADCP, etc.) and Required Annual Reports

• Deer Trapping Consultation and Assistance
• Scouting and Camera Surveys
• Supervision of and including Limited Management Harvesting
• Deer Pen Inspections and Certification
• Deer Pen Design and Assistance
• CWD Collection for Testing
• Deer Brokerage Services
• Habitat Recommendations
• Habitat Management, Design, and Assistance (i.e. Prescribed burning, aerating, Cedar control, etc.)
• On-site Supervision of Habitat Work
• Food Plot Design, Recommendations, and Installation
• Supplemental Feeding Program
• Water Systems Development, Recommendations, and Installation
• Livestock Management and Recommendations
• Ranch Mapping
• Ranch Development and Construction (Recommendations and Oversight of Buildings, Fences, Roads, etc.)
• Employee Search Assistance (Headhunter)
• Rural Property Management
• Real Estate Inspection, Assessment, and Evaluation
• Real Estate Sales
• Land Acquisition
• Hunting Lease Management
• Hunting Lease Evaluation
• Contract Negotiations
• Liaison between Landowner and Second Party (ie. Lessees, contractors, etc.)
• Hunting Program Development
• Hunting Broker and Outfitter
• Predator Control
• Nongame Wildlife Program Development
• Ecotourism Development

I prefer to have landowners retain my services on an annual basis; however individual rates for specific requests are available.  All fees are negotiable including commissions and percentages.  It is important to note that I will limit my clientele to provide optimum service to everyone.