Carrizo Springs, Texas - Dimmit County
$3,800 Per Acre

Size:       117 Acres


Location:    Property is located in northern Dimmit County just east of FM 1334, in between Crystal City and Carrizo Springs, Texas.


Description: COMBINE  HUNTING & FISHING  on s Small Place!!!   YES!!!   Here is a  RARE  OPPORTUNITY!!  Not Too Many Times do you get a small place with - "IT ALL!" And this FIne LIttle Ranch Delivers BIG!!!  You Get Great Hunting & Great Fishing!!   The western boundary of this property is Bookout Lake which is fed by the Nueces River (Bookout Dam is the South Boundary).  There is  over 4,500 feet of lake frontage on this property with water that is 12- 20 feet deep!.  Bookout Dam has been on the Nueces River since the early 1920's!  It's been around a long time! And it's gonna stay!   AND, The brush on this ranch has never been bulldozed!! There are Big Bull Mesquites and thick, thick guajilla, guayacan, and granjeno growing throughout the pasture land! It is WILD!!! The banks of  Bookout Lake/Nueces River are lined with HUGE live oak, elm, pecan, and mesquite trees! It is GAMEY!!! The lake is a long deep channel that is about 100 - 250 ffet wide and about 12 - 20 feet deep.  These lakes are famous for producing lunker bass in the olden days!  The thick bottom land is a natural game haven!!!  Turkey roost in the trees!  Deer and hogs travel in the thick bottom land along the river.   The native pasture land is some of the prettiest SouthTexas Brush Country that you could ever wish for!!   You have to see this pretty little place to fully appreciate it!   There’s worlds of good, edible brush on this ranch!  It has lots of good deer and turkey feed!  There are game trails everywhere!!!  It is one of the Gamiest Places that you have ever seen!!!!


Water:   BOOKOUT LAKE!!!!  The western boundary of this property is Bookout Lake, with over 4,500 feet of frontage on the lake.   This is an old flood control dam on the Nueces River.  It has been in existence since the early 1920's!  It is here to stay and has weathered the test  of time.  Where else can you get Lake Frontage and Nueces River frontage like this??!!!  It just doesnt' happen - unless you buy a huge ranch on the river... And that means LOTS OF MONEY!! 

BUT NOT HERE!!!     Here you get it ALL in a DREAM PLACE!!   WATER!!!   WATER!!!  WATER!!!!!


Improvements:    A Brand New Water Well & Electricity have been added to the property!!! Owners have drilled a brand new water well and equipped it with an electrci submersible pump!  There's also worlds of water in Bookout Lake!!! Where else can you find such a slice of heaven??!!

All Blinds & Feeders will convey with the property!! 


Roads:    This Ranch has a good set of ranch roads!!!  There is a good network of typical ranch roads which provide access to the various parts of the ranch.  These are drivable in any type vehicle, pick-up or other SUV type vehicle.     The ranch is fenced into a single pasture with the river being fenced off from the rest of the pasture land for cattle grazing.  BUT, the western boundary IS the Nueces River!!  All of the fences  are capable of turning cattle.


Minerals:   There are no minerals available with this property.


Price:   Reduced from $3,800 to $3,600 Per Acre. A BARGAIN!!!  Where else can you get Lakefront lad with Great Hunting???!!  Huntin and Fishing!!! This is a super reasonable price for this property with this much water front!!!  AND, It is Lake Front - not just regular river front!! Financing is readily available from the Federal Land Bank and a number of independent banks.


Comments:          This is a Great Buy!!!  This is a DREAM PLACE!!!  "It Don't Get Any Better Than This!!!" 

You usually cannot find all of the features of this fine, small sized place on a much larger ranch!!  Much Less on 117 Acres!!!    Beautiful Lake/ River Frontage!!!   GREAT BRUSH!!   HUGE BULL MESQUITES!!!    This place is So Gamey!!  And you will see Lots of Game!  Bunches of deer and turkey roam over this place and call it home! It is secluded and beautiful!!  Good Strong Soils!  Good, Strong Brush! Loads of Game!!!... You need to come See This Exceptional Ranch!!!